Large Groups in Teaching Counselling

Large experiential groups in teaching therapy

Using Large Experiential Groups in Teaching Counselling and Psychotherapy

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Large groups in teaching counselling and psychotherapy


I believe there is only one place in the world which provides large experiential Gestalt groups in teaching counselling and psychotherapy. Each year in England a group of 70+ participants meets for five days to explore large group dynamics, build community and increase awareness of societal concerns and complexities. Patrick de Mare stated that large groups humanise the society rather than socialise an individual (1991). This presentation will include an introduction to his thinking along with other analytic and humanistic theories on working with large groups. Furthermore, it will outline some personal journeys collected through sets of relational centred phenomenological dialogues with students of the Gestalt Centre in London to show how large groups are being experienced and the effect they have on Gestalt trainees.


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