Remembering Homeland

‘To and from Ithaca: Towards the Dialogue between Rootedness and Unsettling’ co-designed with Piotr Mierkowski

Date(s) 25 January 2014
Location: Newport Pagnell, England
Event organised by Re-Vision Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis

About the event

Human history is the story of nomads giving way to settlers who in turn migrate when unsettled by war, injustice, or in search of work, love, or by a simple curiosity for faraway places. The individual’s life too can be seen as a series of migrations and settlements. We each set off on our journey by leaving the comfort zone of whatever our childhood reality was and become homeless only to eventually settle and put down roots. When we become unsettled we migrate to different communities, cultures, states of mind -aiming to find a place where we can belong.

This workshop will explore the nomadic and rooted aspects of our nature through a series of experiments. Its aim is to expand the participants’ awareness of their cultural complexity as well as to facilitate the embodied dialogue between the need to belong and having a place and the pull to wander, which often remains fragmented or in conflict


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