Relational psychotherapy in prejudiced society – body, sex, homophobia and intimacy

Engaging Our Community

Date(s) 4 July 2015
Location: Nottingham, England
Event organised by United Kingdom Association for Gestalt Practitioners

About the event

In my research I have been continuously fascinated by how we embody and attend to societal concerns and prejudices. Be it a culture or homophobia we are born into it and shaped through all our lives. The societal pressures to fix and categorise gender and sexual orientation were often resembled in family dynamics and had direct impact on how we are embodied and hence how we work with intimacy and sexuality in the therapy. A queer theorist Judith Butler argues for fluidity of gender and sexual orientation (Butler, 2011). As controversial as this may sound, it seems to be a requirement for relational therapists who do not believe in traditionally understood projection and transference (Jacobs, 2011). Attending to the in-between relational practitioners believe in constant mutual co-creation of each transference including the sexual transference. In this workshop we will jointly look for an answer to the question: How do we explore the intimacy of co-created erotic field (Clemmens, 2010) with our clients in a prejudiced society?


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