International Community of Psychotherapists

Challenges and Opportunities Relating to Growth of AAGT as an International Community - Panel Presentation

Date(s) 4 September 2014
Location: Asilomar, California
Event organised by Association for Advancement in Gestalt Therapy

About the event

Panel discussion moderated by Adam Kincel, MA

With Vincent Beja, Gestalt Psychotherapist (EAGT) • Gianni Francesetti, MD • Toni Gilligan, BSc, MPhil • Burt Lazarin, MUP


This panel will bring together members of the Gestalt community from five countries to discuss challenges and opportunities AAGT faces being an International Community. Attending to the here-and-now and looking towards what’s next, this panel will comment on one of the most important topics for our organization.

Learning Objective(s):

Participants in this workshop will be able to describe diversity among Gestalt communities – challenges and opportunities they currently face; and they will be better able to apply aspects of Gestalt therapy theory in working with multinational communities.


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